Extensis Portfolio Tips

List of tips:

1. Putting Portfolio Catalogues and/or Browser on CDs

Like Acrobat, Extensis' Portfolio graphics database has freeware 'browser' version that can run from CD. Drawing on the experience and testing for the Acrobat on CD PDF I have produced another PDF explain, for the non-expert, how to build a CD that will AutoPlay Extensis Portfolio Browser from the CD.

Download the PDF about autoplaying Portfolio Browser or right click the link to save to disk. The PDF is approximately 44kb.

2. HTML Export templates to match image filenames with RIDs

In Extensis Portfolio v5 you are able to create 'disk previews' (v5 manual, page 214). However, the previews are unhelpfully named like this 'p0000000024.jpg', when the Record's original image name is something like 'myimage.tif'. This makes quick matching of a preview with its source image difficult outside Portfolio, e.g. for web or PortWeb use.

In fact you can work out the syntax of the preview name:

  • 'p' - I guess indicates preview.
  • '00000000' - padding zeroes such that zeroes + RID = 10.
  • '24' - the Record I/D (RID).

By the same logic, the record RID # 1234567 would have a preview 'p0001234567.jpg'.

The RID is a standard Field attached to all records. The trouble is it's hidden - you can't display it inside Portfolio. Luckily there is a way to get at the RID that doesn't involve any special skill. The templates used for export to HTML allow use of a Field placeholder (%RID%) that inserts the RID of the record in the output text.

So you can make a template whose 'content' in the Item section is the line %filename% = %RID%. Then select all your Records in the main progame (Ctrl+A), export to HTML using this template and you will get a list like so:

  • mypic.tif = 51
  • boy.psd = 52
  • sky.jpg = 53
  • ....etc.
  • lastfile.tif = 2345

Now save yourself some time and by downloading this ZIP file. It contains 2 templates, one for listing filename = RID and the other for RID = filename.

Note that in most cases the Record order via RID is probably the same as cataloguing date order (I'm not sure how updating Records affects this). The order in which records is exported is based on the sort in the program's current view so bear this in mind before hitting the 'Export' button.

3. See a Viewlet on Exporting RID values to HTML

Use the link below to see a Java Viewlet explaining the process described above. Requires Java capable browser. 800kb, streaming file. See the Viewlet Exporting RID values to HTML.

4. HTML template to call a link to disk previews using RIDs.

In Portfolio v5 you can create disk previews. These can act as a useful source of 'large' previews for your images online as the normal thumbnail export using %thumbnail% exports the small thumbnails actually stored in your Catalogue. As the disk previews have a different naming syntax to the thumbnails or original images you need a script to help with this process.

In this Zip file you can find a quick test example and a generic template. The syntax for disk preview names is described in Tip #2 above

5. See a Viewlet on Exporting Portfolio field information to text file.

Use the link below to see a Java Viewlet explaining the process described above. Requires Java capable browser. 200kb, streaming file. See the Viewlet Portfolio - Export to Text

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