Running Adobe Acrobat Reader v4 from CD - A PDF

[Current version v1.2.3, 09 Dec 99. Jump to PDF]

I have produced a PDF to explain, for the non-expert, how to build a CD that will AutoPlay Acrobat Reader v4 from the CD. Please take a moment to read the notes on this page before you grab the file below.

The PDF was created in Word97/Acrobat v4 but should read fine in Exchange/Reader v3. The main topics covered are:

  • Who is this for?
  • Acrobat Reader on CD
  • Setting up content files for the CD
  • Creating an Autoplay CD (for Windows)
  • Cross-platform issues and CD formats
  • Appendices: Adobe TS docs, file lists, reference links etc.

I'm not a programmer/Postscript expert - indeed, that is the very reason I did the research that became this PDF. I certainly know more about Acrobat/Reader than when I started out. However, lest you worry, I have had a number of more experienced Acrobat users proof the document before its release.

Please let me know if there are any serious errors/omissions in the document so I can amend it. Indeed if it has helped you, please email me and let me know.

The PDF has internal bookmarks and some external (web) links for major references.

Don't forget - if your browser is set to open/read PDFs and you just want to download the file, in Windows right-click and use "Save Target As..." and on Macs click/hold for the context menu and "Save Target As...".


PDF Icon ReaderCD.PDF (approx 400kb).

Current version v1.2.3, 09 Dec 99.

PDF change log. It is worth checking the log to see if any changes are relevant or not to your use of the information in the PDF.

I have also put a number of the main web links (as included in the PDF) on a separate page of Acrobat links.

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