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Changes to PDF

Current version v1.2.3, 09 Dec 99.

It is worth checking the change log to see if any changes are relevant or not to your use of the information in the PDF.

The current PDf refers to Reader v4.0. The release of v4.05 may change some details but should not affect the techniques described. I will update as needs be when my v4.05 u/g arrives - Jan/Feb 2000?

Version 1.2.3
Dated 09 Dec 99.

  • Corrected typo "defualticon" in code samples document pages 6 and 7 (PDF pp 14-15)

Version 1.2.2
Dated 16 Nov 99.

  • Revised section on Autorun.inf (pages 5-10 inclusive) to remove command line sytax error and incorrect guidance on using shortcuts on CDs.

Version 1.2.1
Dated 04 Oct 99.

  • Updated Adobe website links to reflect new Adobe site layout.

Version 1.2
Dated 23 Sep 99. First public release.

  • Added new Appendix H with list of TS docs, renumbered appendices.
  • Colour removed from links (user requested).
  • Typos/format errors corrected

Version 1.1
Dated 13 Sep 99. Initial beta release.

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